Carol Ruth- AWAKEN Boutique

Astrology ~ Tarot at McKinley Mall
Astrologer - Medium - Psychic - Past Lives - Tarot

Come and Visit her at the McKinley Mall -

INSIDE "AWAKEN" Boutique - Astrology ~ Tarot

Location: Near Victoria's Secret & Lens Crafter's

Get a Psychic Reading which includes:

Astrology, Tarot Cards, Spirit Communication & Past Lives.

Astrology Consultations everyday (See Hours).

All Readings may be recorded.

Readings are: $55 for 15 Minutes or $75 for 30 Minutes.

Astrological Consultations: $125 for 1 Hour.
Call for an Appointment: 716 867 3678.

Thank You - Carol Ruth.

Psychic Carol Ruth

Has Done Thousands of Readings Internationally.


$55 for 15 Minutes and $75 for 30 Minutes, you may Record your session.
Psychic Reading includes Psychometry, Tarot Cards, Spirit Communication and Astrology. Within a Psychic Reading you will get the answers you need to make decisions, work out relationships or understand your personal timing.

Call 716 867 3678 for information.


1 HOUR - $125 - bring Recording Device.

For over forty years Carol Ruth has given thousands of individuals a true and accurate glimpse of their lives. She believes in ESP, telepathy, reincarnation, the psychic, intuition and divine intervention. Every person can become more aware when they give attention to their intuitive feelings, and practice, and use this whenever it happens. Intuition helps to accomplish goals and brings a deeper

level of self awareness and personal potentials.