Psychic Carol Ruth

Has Done Thousands of Readings Internationally.

The Rider-Waite Deck

Using this Deck for the 10 Weeks.

Learn the Tarot Cards - With CAROL RUTH

To Be Announced

Ten Week Tarot Card Class   Cost: $200

  $200 in full or

  $20 each week as you attend each class workshop.

   Information will be available on Face Book Events.

  Contact Carol Ruth:   716 867 3678   or     


   To be Announced.

Introduction to Tarot Cards

An Intuitive Approach

Are you new to Tarot Cards or are you someone who has repeatedly struggled to learn the Tarot System? Or do you have a deck you enjoy but would like to learn more about how it works and how to get more out of your readings? 

Come have fun while learning:

  • Basic information about the use and care of your tarot cards
  • The differences between the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Pip, and Court cards
  • Basic & advanced tarot spreads, which can be used with other types of cards (e.g., angel/archangel cards)

During these workshops, you will receive numerous handouts, including descriptions of all 78 tarot cards. We will focus on using both the traditional meanings of the tarot cards as well as your Intuitive Skills as YOU learn to interpret each of the cards.We will be using the Rider-Waite Deck, please purchase this Deck. Thank You.

Classes to be taught by Carol Ruth