Carol Ruth  -  Psychic Astrologer

​​​​For over 40 years, Carol Ruth has been reading for people who needed guidance in their lives. She has studied many areas of the Psychic Realms, in order to bring to others, the tools and knowledge necessary that any good counselor should possess.

Her sessions are not only about the future, but may reference the path an individual is meant to follow in order to complete their mission in this lifetime. Most of her clients do realize their true life's purpose, once Carol Ruth, a Wayshower, has given this vital information to that individual.

The most important event in a persons life: to discover challenges that their soul has chosen to embark upon in this lifetime. Within a persons Natal Chart is a "road map of their life". Once there is a greater understanding of what Astrology represents for each individual, they can be enlightened, and possibly follow their karmic destination.

Carol Ruth Promoted many "Psychic Events" in Western New York.  These Events were always a big hit, being very well received by the public.

Visit Carol Ruth at her boutique "AWAKEN" located in McKinley Mall. She also does Psychic Readings at "Psychic Events" in Eastern Hills Mall each month.